For the finest quality insights, you need a boutique.
But for the scale and resources to answer any conceivable brief in-house,
you need a bigger outfit…
Welcome to the Big Boutique

What Makes Us Big?

We have 50 talented people in London and Leeds, a client roster that includes some of the UK’s biggest names, and – unlike a regular boutique – all resources in-house. We also have the breadth and sophistication of methodology, approach and technology you’d expect from a multinational.

What Makes Us A Boutique?

We simply don’t do off-the-peg. We take a bespoke approach to every single project, work in close collaboration with our clients, and take pride in being one of only a few truly integrated qual/quant research agencies. And we’re specialists; Optimisa is the go-to agency for the UK services sector.

Spoilt for Choice

Consumer Empowerment or Analysis Paralysis?


Thursday 26th March


Thursday 16th April

The past decade has witnessed an explosion in consumer choice – and, alongside it, a seemingly eternal quest for the ‘best deals’.

Unveiling 2015 research around choice in an information society, Optimisa Research will offer new insights, typologies and guidance for brands. In doing so, we will answer the following business-critical questions:
  • Are consumers feeling liberated or overwhelmed?
  • How do they navigate in a world of greater choice?
  • What actually constitutes a “good deal”?
  • How have wider consumer attitudes changed over the last 5 years?
  • How should brands respond to these changing dynamics?
We will also be drawing on Project Bigfoot - a major study conducted by Optimisa in 2009 and repeated in 2015 - to uncover sector-specific changes in consumer attitudes and behaviour over the past 5 years.


The insights are unlimited but the spaces aren't so if you’re interested in attending our Leeds or London event, please get in touch:

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